I am so excited you are here! Because…it means I’ve officially launched my new website! Not only am I excited to share my spicy wordplay as it relates to seasonings, but I want to take a moment to express gratitude. This website was a serious labor of love done between me (your fellow website copywriter) and my best friend Kaci Ally (your fellow website designer). Yes, she kicked ass from a design standpoint (browse the website to see for yourself), but she has done soooo much more than just that… she holds my hand when I need gentle support and tells me the truth even when she knows it will hurt (that’s a GOOD friend). She has met my pickiness with punctuality and allowed me to pepper my personality all over this goddamn website. For her, I am eternally grateful.

(And if you like the work we have done here together, get excited because we will be launching a joint business. It’s gonna be fresh, it’s gonna be flirty. Hide your websites and brands, ladies because we’re coming for them.)

I am also deeply grateful to my mother, the OG money mindset mama (in my humble opinion), who is continuously awe-inspiring and has never allowed me to settle for less than (even when I’ve tried my best). To my dad who has encouraged me to find and follow my path (with complete disregard for potential consequences). Who has supported my writing dreams by reading my work since before I knew how to spell.

And to everyone who has made fun of me when I told them I wanted to be a writer. A special thanks to those folks for pissing me off enough to start my own business and helping me cultivate my budding success.

And lastly, to you my dear reader, who may have stumbled upon this wondering who the heck I am and what exactly I do. My business is for YOU – to get your message out there, to connect you with the people who have been praying for just the thing you offer, and to capture the serious and authentic flavor of your brand. You, your business, and your dream clients deserve that.

Welcome to the grand opening of Copy with Spice! I can’t wait to get started.

With love (and a little spice),