First things first, let me come right out and say it…

(We’re talking as stale as tortilla chips that sat at the back of your pantry for 6+ months. That kind of stale.)

Because no matter the industry, the same stuff is getting talked about, the same phrases are getting used, and I think I speak for us both when I say…

You and me? We KNOW THAT THE TIME HAS COME TO spicE things up.

I’m Alethea—Website and Sales Page Copywriter, Marketing Nerd, and Ravenous Reader

Okay, now that we know we agree on that much, allow me to officially introduce myself…

I’m also an absurd animal lover, a Converse diehard fan, a paper book loyalist, a free little library enthusiast, and a freak for mayo.

(Seriously, I don’t care what anyone says, mayo is the best condiment ever, and if you disagree, I’ve got a one-word argument: aioli. Because no one—I repeat no one—hates aioli.)

And even though it probably goes without saying with a business name like Copy with Spice, I loveeee to eat. (Unless it’s dairy because unfortunately, your girl is lactose-intolerant so no cheese for me.) I like my steak medium rare, my coffee black, and my martinis extra, extra, extra dirty. 


The truth is, right now, we’re stuck in a bit of a marketing


Website copy. Sales page copy. Social media content. You name it. 

And not only have you and I noticed it, but your ideal clients have started to notice it, too. They’re uninspired to buy. They feel indifferent about brands. Their eyes have that glazed over look that someone gets after binge-watching an entire season of Love is Blind.

The good news is, you have the secret ingredient to wake your ideal audience up, build a fangirl following, and stand out from the snoozefest crowd because the secret ingredient is your funky fresh personality. 

And the even better news is, I’m here to help you actually use it..



I could tell you that you                to hire me as your website copywriter…

so here's what i'll say instead—

But honestly, I hate when marketers make it seem like your business will fail, your life will fall apart, and you’ll be back at your 9-5 if you don’t invest in whatever they’re selling. 

you and me. let's do this.

When we work together, you aren’t just delegating a task you don’t have the desire or time to do yourself. You’re bringing in an expert who stays up-to-date on SEO, understands the strategy of storytelling, and is skilled at taking your voice and turning it into words that actually get people to book, buy, or subscribe.

So no, you don’t need me, but you’ll probably want me—and I want you, too.





Over here, bare minimum is never the goal I’m aiming for. The goal? To write copy that's worth indulging in—and supports you in running a business and having a life that feels rich as hell.

This space is a space for two (or more) brains to come together and cook up magic. I hear you, I see you, I feel you; I'm here to help bring your full, funky expression into the world.

Each of us is an original—our voice, our history, our hunger. Writing and business are an expression of our own identities—never a copycat version of someone else's.

What this Copy Kitchen Runs on:


a sample of

So you want to know how I ended up here, do ya? It all started back when I was a kid… 

Part of that weirdness stemmed from the fact that I was unschooled for a little while—a type of homeschooling where you don’t teach a kid something unless they ask to learn it. 

Which meant that my “schooling” consisted of playing in the dirt, building paper mansions for my mini Polly Pockets with my sister, and begging my mom to read history books about Ancient Egyptians because I was obsessed with mythology and mummification.

It also meant I didn’t learn to read until I was 10—and only because I found out that my best friend had finished her first chapter book which made me want to learn how to read so I could out-read her. 

But while my love affair with literature started from a spiteful and competitive place, it marked the beginning of a relationship that has yet to end. 

Within one year of learning how to read, I began writing my first—but far from last—novel.

And I’ve been writing ever since. 

Hellbent on trying out a traditional route, I put myself through college, only to graduate armed with a BA in Creative Writing, a handful of published stories, and not a clue as to what I actually wanted to do with any of it.

And then I stumbled across copywriting and after realizing it wasn’t about copyright law—a common misconception—I felt like I had found everything I was looking for and more.  

So I took one awkward, fumbling walk into the dark and eventually, became a website and sale page copywriter. And funnily enough, I came to quickly discover that my wacky backstory had taught me the exact skills I needed to be an entrepreneur and a skilled copywriter: adaptability, going all in on what interests you, and a good-ass sense of humor.

and a weird one at that.


that's an understatement.

Now, I get to spend my time helping other oddballs—oddball brands, that is—make sure their messaging shows off their genius, sets them apart in their industry, and creates a feeding frenzy over everything they have to offer.


Quote Book

The same way my grandma collects all of our
beloved family recipes, I collect quotes from
books I read and my ridiculous friends and family. 


flip through →

“Jung was a f*cking
bad b*tch.”

—My dad, talking about the power of shadow work

Something that felt wrong, but isn’t


“Life’s too short to wear
matching socks”

—My sister, wearing seriously mismatching socks

A mantra I (sometimes) live by


“But floundering is the first step to swimming”

—A wise friend who definitely wasn’t trying to be wise

A good philosophy for life 


“Do you cry when you kill
your characters or just
have tea with Satan?!”

—My sister (again), mad at me for writing another novel with a tragic ending

A mean, but fair question 


“I am doomed to remember a boy with a
wrecked voice—not because of his voice, or
because he was the smallest person I ever
knew, or even because he was the instrument
of my mother’s death, but because he is the
reason I believe in God; I am a Christian
because of Owen Meany.” 

—A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

One of the best opening sentences of all time 


We'll go together like
salt & pepper if you...

✓ Want to make baller dollars without using mean-girl marketing tactics that make potential buyers feel gross

✓ Are fed up with vanilla copy and want to shake things up instead

✓ Believe you and your brand have a 12/10 personality

✓ Give a serious sh*t about the work you do and the people you do it for 

✗  Think that pain-point and scarcity marketing are the only way to get people to buy 

✗ Love copy that’s boring, impersonal, and uses tons of jargon 

✗ Believe that it’s impossible to have loads of personality and be a professional at the same time

✗ Only care about making money and will step on others to get there

and NOT if you...

✓ Are down to be friends (optional…but heavily preferred)

✗ Don’t believe in the Oxford comma




Jars of mayo given to me as gifts (told you I love mayonnaise) 

Pages written of utterly delicious (and high-converting) website copy in Google Docs

Books being read at any given time

and counting

"To anyone wanting to uplevel
their copy and attract their
dream clients, I 100%
recommend her!

With Alethea, not only was I able to publish a brand new website,
rework my onboarding process, and expand my offers, but when
potential clients visit my website or sign up to work with me - they're
getting to know the REAL me.

She listens to you, is extremely personable, and does the research to
fully understand your industry.


|   online business manager

TOGETHER? *Chef’s kiss.* 

let's work together

You bring the business brilliance, I’ll bring the messaging magic. 

(You could also bring homemade guac and I’ll bring chips and salsa, but that seemed kinda impractical for a virtual situation.) 

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