I’m Alethea—and not to sound like a kiss ass, but I really, 



love what I do.

And by “do” I mean: getting to help creative entrepreneurs like you unleash the full power of your brand with strategic, personality-fueled copywriting. 

Besides copywriting, I'm also a freak for... 

Spoons, Cholula bottles, and the hamster cooking show have all been known to make me swoon.


I don’t care if we’re headed somewhere in a hurry, if I see anything housing a bunch of books, we’re pulling over to look at every single one.


Not to be dramatic, but I would rather die than buy a Kindle. I don’t care that they’re easier to travel with and cost less, there’s no better feeling than flipping open to the last page I dog-eared. 



a sample of

I’ve been writing since the 4th grade when I penned my first, but far from my last, novel—

a sophisticated story revolving around a dog who gets kidnapped. While that novel tragically remains unfinished, it unearthed my innate passion for storytelling. 

I’ve been following that passion ever since. 

Armed with a BA in Creative Writing and a handful of published short stories, I left college with no idea of what I actually wanted to do.

I did know…

  • I loved to write
  • I adored connecting with people
  • And I wanted to find work that challenged me 

Copywriting checked all of those boxes—and added a hundred more I hadn’t even realized I was looking for.


that's an understatement.

Now, I get to spend my time helping badass women make sure their messaging shows off their brilliance, resonates with their audience, and sounds just like them. 


Quote Book

The same way chefs collect beloved recipes, I collect
quotes from the books I read and my ridiculous
friends and family. 


flip through →

“Life’s too short to wear
matching socks”

—My sister, wearing seriously mismatching socks

A mantra I (sometimes) live by


“But floundering is the first step to swimming”

—A wise friend who definitely wasn’t trying to be wise

A good philosophy for life 


“Do you cry when you kill
your characters or just
have tea with Satan?!”

—My sister (again), mad at me for writing another novel with a tragic ending

A mean, but fair question 


“I am doomed to remember a boy with a
wrecked voice—not because of his voice, or
because he was the smallest person I ever
knew, or even because he was the instrument
of my mother’s death, but because he is the
reason I believe in God; I am a Christian
because of Owen Meany.” 

—A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

One of the best opening sentences of all time 


We'll go together like
salt & pepper if you...

✓ Are looking for copy that’s full of personality 

✓ Hate sleazy marketing tactics or copy that reads like a bad infomercial

✓ Are also incredibly passionate about helping others go after their dreams

✓ Are down for someone who will hype you up 

✗  Believe that copywriting isn’t a worthwhile investment

✗ Like copy that’s boring, impersonal, and uses a lot of jargon 

✗ Don’t have a clear idea of what you offer and who you want to serve

✗ Only care about making money 

and NOT if you...




(and counting) Words checked by Grammarly

Hours spent chewing gum each day

Books being read at any given time

"To anyone wanting to uplevel
their copy and attract their
dream clients, I 100%
recommend her!

With Alethea, not only was I able to publish a brand new website,
rework my onboarding process, and expand my offers, but when
potential clients visit my website or sign up to work with me - they're
getting to know the REAL me.

She listens to you, is extremely personable, and does the research to
fully understand your industry.


|   online business manager

TOGETHER? *Chef’s kiss.* 

let's work together

You bring the business brilliance, I’ll bring the messaging magic. 

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