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Hey, I’m Alethea—Copywriter, Creative, and a

Just to name a few of my titles. 

Whether you’re in need of a sales page, website copy, or help with your email marketing, I’m here to blend your fabulous personality with strategic copywriting so that your copy is as irresistible as your offer. 

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A few reasons I might be your copy girl.... 

Rumor has it…I’m pretty fun to work with, or at least that’s what my clients say. 

You having a good time - that’s the number one priority. Besides, crafting copy that transforms your dream clients into real customers. I’m dead serious about getting you the results you’re looking for, but other than that our collaboration is all about enjoying yourself. You’re never just “another” client and I’m just as freaking excited to work together as you are. 

Fun as Heck 

Okay, okay, “trained” is a bit of BS because you definitely don’t need to be trained to be creative. But if you did, I’d qualify. I’ve written (several) novels and majored in creative writing which means you’re getting copy that blends marketing strategy with creativity all while being written in your voice. 

Creatively Trained

Not only does this mean I’m down for pretty much any industry you’re in, but it also means I’m always taking the time to learn more about copywriting fundamentals, how to make sure your people can find you on Google (AKA SEO), and what’s the latest and greatest in both the copy and marketing world. Which comes in handy when writing copy for fabulous clients like yourself who are ready for creative messaging that actually converts. 

A Freak for Learning



Stalking. Kidding! Kind of… 

A big part of my copywriting process involves getting to know your voice, inside and out. From your questionnaire to our kickoff call, I’m taking notes about what’s important to you and the way you want to come across. So while I’ll be the one writing, everything is in your words. 

I typically book out 2-3 months in advance. Another thing to keep in mind is that done-for-you copy takes time and depending on the scope of your project it can take over a month for everything to be finalized. In other words, if you’ve got a copy project in mind, reaching out sooner rather than later is your best bet!

For long-term projects, payment is automatically split into three parts.

1 - Project deposit due after receiving your proposal and upon signing your contract 
2 - After your project kickoff call 
3 - After your review call 

If you need a custom payment plan, I’m more than happy to discuss it on our discovery call! And of course, you’re always welcome to pay in full, if you so prefer. 

Although I have many titles, “website designer” doesn’t make the list. However, I do know a lot of designers and am more than happy to make any recommendations based on what you are looking for. Just let me know when we chat!

In almost every case, copy should come first. Why? Because the information you want to include is what guides your design and if you’re working with a website designer, they will expect your copy to be completed prior to starting your project. However, if you’re working from a template, you might be working backwards, tailoring your copy to each section of your template.

06 // before you go....

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