your website's one missing ingredient?

With a pinch of personality-packed copywriting, a sprinkle of market research, and a strategic scoop of storytelling, we’ll make sure your dream clients realize that what you offer is everything they’re craving.

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01 // the copy cook

Hi, I'm Alethea—and I'm a                for copy with personality.


When it comes to attracting the people you’re stupid excited to work with, being yourself is the best way to win them over.

Blending your business goals with your audience’s innermost desires, I’ll write copy that showcases your skills—and actually sounds like you—so your dream clients become real clients.

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You already have the secret spice for delectable copy—because it's

Through stalking you on social, making note of every important detail in meetings, and combing through your questionnaire, I’ll help you sift through what does and doesn’t sound like you. That way, no matter what we're working on, it's peppered with personality, written in your voice, and comes across just as fabulous as you are. 

those dream clients of yours? they just might drool.

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Website Copy

For those in search of mouthwatering, finger-licking, and positively enticing website copy where each and every page is packed with personality and irresistible to your readers. 

 You can go ahead and kick your feet up because the best part... it’s all written for you.

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Sales Page Copy

For those looking to launch a genius new offer paired with copy that's concocted to tell your readers exactly what makes it oh so delicious. 

So seconds after someone lands on your sales page, they're whipping out their credit card.

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VIP Days

For those in need of a fast and furious session in the copy kitchen so you can check a copy project off your to-do list as quickly as freaking possible. 

You'll have my undivided attention so we can get it done within two days. 

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Website Audit

For those looking to rework the copy they already have, I'll be a second set of eyes. Together we'll talk through where and how to spice your website up to get the results you're hungry for.

You'll walk away knowing exactly what it takes to write website copy that's just as juicy as your offers.

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04 // the latest critic

"It's like I wrote
 it myself... but so much better!

Alethea is incredible! I trusted her 100% with
writing the copy for my website because her
questionnaire and process was so thoughtful
and thorough. She was able to incorporate
my own voice and phrases so perfectly into
my site! Thank you!"


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05 // the free samples

Ready for a website that makes mouths water?

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