Your website's missing ingredient.

Website copy that connects.

With personality-infused website copywriting (and some SEO magic), we’ll make sure your dream clients realize what you offer is everything they’ve been searching for.

You deserve a website that attracts your dream clients, sells your services in your sleep, and authentically represents your brand.

And you shouldn't have to spend any more time diying it.

Here’s a little business secret: creating a website without a website copywriter is like cooking without spices. It just won’t be what you’re craving. You’ve got the genius business ideas, a serious dedication to what you do, and the desire to reach anyone you know you can help. All you’re missing is some SEO-optimized website copy that shows your dream clients you know exactly what they want and you’re just the person to help them get it.

When we work together, that’s just what I’ll write for you.  

Feel like something’s missing From your website?
let’s find just the spice to add.
A dash of storytelling here. A pinch of personality there.

When we work together, we’ll taste test our way to an irresistible website.

Infusing your website copy with your brand voice while making it clear how you serve your dream client is THE priority. Sprinkle on some SEO-optimized and sales-steered sentences and you’ve got yourself a delectable website that not only connects but converts.

Your dream clients just might drool.

Hey, I'm Alethea.

A website copywriter who loves flavorful copy, passionate entrepreneurs, and websites that put in the work so you don’t have to sell yourself 24/7.

I’m also a freak for learning, a blossoming SEO expert, and a whiz with words. Which means… you’ll get website copy that’s backed by research + strategy, actually gets seen by your audience, and sounds just the way you wanted.

Want to get together to chat about books, business daydreams, or how we can write our way to business billions?


Tired of diying it and ready to get done-for-you website copy?

let’s take Your from a done-and-forgotten business essential to something that puts in the sales-work so you don’t have to

Together, we’ll season your site so it effortlessly resonates with your dream clients and shows off the pro you are so you can start raking in next-level cash. 

wanna, shall we say… spice things up?


San Diego, CA