A peek into the Copy kitchen.


Your diy website was a great start…
but it just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Now that things are going pretty damn good in your business, you’re ready for a website that reflects your up-leveled professionalism, gets you inquiries from dream clients, and helps you steadily increase your cash flow.

Let me guess...

You’ve been growing your business, knowing you “should” redo your website. Every time you look at it, you cringe. It just doesn’t feel like you, but when you try to fix it that expectant, blinking cursor is the only thing you can focus on.


you’ve got serious knowledge about your dream clients, an irresistible offer, and the make-it-happen attitude.

Your website should show all of that.

And we can make that happen without you having to write a single word (well, there’s the questionnaire for you to fill out). With the right seasoning, your website could transform into something that not only appeals to your dream clients, but actively attracts them.

Hiring someone to write for you can feel intimidating.

You might even be asking yourself: is website copywriting worth it? How will you make it actually sound like me? Will it get me results? 

Here’s my answer: it’s my job to get you results which I do by understanding your business, your audience, and your voice (and by having some serious knowledge about writing website copy backed by marketing strategy). And before you say anything along the lines of “it feels like cheating…”


You're still the master chef, I'm just helping you organize your recipes so you can sell your cookbook.

Literature Lover. People Pleaser. Nosy?

I’ve always been the go-to girl for all things English.

When I graduated college with a degree in Creative Writing I knew three things:

1) I loved to write.

2) I lived to understand human behavior.

3) I couldn’t get enough of learning about people’s lives and stories (A.K.A. being in people’s business).

funny enough, those three things

are what make me excellent at my job

(if you don't mind me saying.)

In fact, I had already been paid for doing it in college – helping people make sense of their thoughts, apply them to essay prompts, and write A papers (school-sanctioned, of course).

In other words, helping people write in a way that connected and compelled others. That’s exactly what copywriting is.

A bit about me.

Hey, I’m Alethea. Outside of working with creative and passionate entrepreneurs, you’ll find me (attempting to) relax by taking HGWs (hot girl walks) around my San Diego neighborhood, listening to business podcasts, and wearing my extra-high, polka-dotted platform converse (I’m actually wearing them right now as I type this, even though I’m inside).

I’ve got a box full of mismatched socks in my closet, a shelf stacked with sewing projects I’ll never finish, and a lot of trouble sitting still (hence all the HGWs). I can’t sleep without my noise machine (rain sounds specifically), I’ll try anything before going to an actual doctor (like putting onion juice in my congested ear…it works), and I will never not stop and look at every single book in a Little Free Library.

Tired of diying it and ready to get done-for-you website copy?

Let’s take your website from a done-and-forgotten business essential to something that puts in the sales-work so you don’t have to

Together, we’ll season your site so it effortlessly resonates with your dream clients and shows of the pro you are so you can start raking in next-level cash. 

wanna, shall we say… spice things up?


San Diego, CA