Peruse the spices.


Flavorful website Copywriting

whether you’re a service provider, a brick-and-mortar store, or a passionate entrepreneur…

Together, we’ll craft copy that converts your dream clients into paying customers without sacrificing personality or resorting to sleazy sales tactics.

The problem

You're trying to fix the website copy you diyed.

You’ve spent enough time Googling “what goes on my website homepage” or “how do I write an about page” to know there’s a strategy behind a good website, but no matter how much you try, you either can’t seem to write anything at all or everything you do write comes out all wrong. 

You want a website that reads like a friendly conversation, turns your online visitors into your brand’s biggest fans, and makes your higher prices seem like no biggie, all while coming across professional AF. NOT some mishmash of things you thought belonged on your website back when you weren’t even sure what an ideal client was. Let’s be honest… your current website doesn’t reflect the new level of business you’ve unlocked. You know that up-leveling your business takes investing. 

And you just found your next worth-it investment.

The Process

You like me, I like you. Now what?

1. Kickoff Call – 60 minutes where we talk about your big business dreams, your brand voice, and your badass buyers.  

2. Research Away – Nothing here for you to worry about! I’ll put my investigative skills to the test so we can find out exactly how to appeal to your dream client using just the right words.

3. Write, Write, Baby – The part where your copy gets cooked up so that it sounds like you, appeals to your people, and puts a few extra zeros in your bank account. 

4. Review and Revise – During a live review, you tell me what you liked and what you didn’t. We reseason until you have a mouth-watering, make-you-money-in-your-sleep website. 

5. Oh Yes – The part where you let out a sigh of relief because you successfully hired a copywriter, completed a pressing project on your to-do list, and can happily report that you just booked out. Congratulations, your website just paid for itself. 

Taste Test

Know your website isn’t cutting it, but aren’t interested in done-for-you website copy?

The recipe

A service made for those like you who just want a second set of (expert) eyes to tell you exactly what to do. This website copy audit will provide you with crystal clear feedback on what to change to get the results you want (+ it’s completely affordable!).

Up to 5 website pages of your choice…

  • Customized brand questionnaire
  • Google Doc with your website copy + my comments
  • To-do list for each web page
  • Strategy call for implementation
  • Voxer support

Timeline: 1 week

    Investment: $300

    Single seasoning

    Dread writing a long-form sales page?

    The recipe

    ,,.Totally understandable. Sales pages are longgg, but the truth is they can make or break whether or not your dream client clicks the “I’m in” button. When we work together, we’ll make sure your dream client knows you understand what they want and can actually help them get it. 

    Your launch just sold out. 

    • Customized brand questionnaire
    • 60-minute strategy call
    • Market research
    • 1 complimentary revision
    • Collaboration with your website designer/brand strategist

    Timeline: 2-3 weeks

    • Hungry for more? Add on:
      • Email copywriting

    Package starts at $1000.

    the spice rack

    Ready for a website where every page appeals to your dream client?

    The recipe

    Obviously, as a website copywriter I’m a little bit biased, but your website really is one of the most important parts of your business (and often, one of the most overlooked). Using my signature framework, we’ll cook up website copy that’s strategy backed, personality-forward, and irresistible to all the right people so you can attract clients that authentically align with your brand while staying away from desperate and manipulative sales-tactics that are so-not-you.

    Up to 5 website pages, SEO-optimized, with brand emphasis. 

    • Customized brand questionnaire
    • 60-minute strategy call
    • Market research
    • 2 complimentary revisions
    • Collaboration with your website designer/brand strategist

    Timeline: 3-4 weeks

    • Need some extra kick? Add-on
      • Email copywriting/newsletter strategy
      • Blog posts/blog strategy
      • Social media marketing strategy

    Package starts at $2,500

    ready for a website you can’t wait to show off?

    a website that…

    Speaks only to your dream clients and repels everyone else

    Works for you 24/7 (unless like…the internet goes out)

    – Helps you raise your prices and look professional AF

    Peppers in your actual personality

    All so you can work less and make more (the entrepreneurial dream?!)

    oh…you don’t want that?


    San Diego, CA