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Whether you’re starting a business and trying to learn all the need-to-know skills or you’ve been in business for a while and are looking to continue growing your biz brain, reading is the freaking way to go. These are a few of the books I think every entrepreneur must read.

For those looking to upgrade their money mindset

  1. You’re a Badass at Making Money 

Written by Jen Sincero whose quippy writing style is sure to make you laugh, this book is at the top of the list for anyone wanting to dive into the world of money mindset. With odd homework assignments and manifestation stories that are sure to convince anyone of the power of intentional thinking, it’s an easy, pleasurable read that will kick your old beliefs to the curb. 

A favorite quote: 

“Faith is required if you’re going to upgrade from rickety to rolling in it because faith is the part of us that dares to believe that an unseen, unproven, and often proven otherwise, brand-new, and awesome reality is within our grasp.”

  1.  A Happy Pocket Full of Money 

While this book falls within the money mindset category, it’s a lot more woo-woo. Written by David Gikandi, A Happy Pocket Full of Money centers around the belief that money is a reflection of the value within. In other words, when you’re a happy, healthy person who is spiritually rich, it’s impossible not to attract money your way because you’re operating at a high frequency that magnetizes abundance and opportunity. While it’s a more philosophical read, it will absolutely have you rethinking the power of your words and the idea of expectation. 

For my fellow woo-woo girls who like thought-provoking books, it’s a must-read. 

 A fav quote:

“You need not predict exactly how things will work out; all you need to do is desire, intend, and know it’s possible—and it will be arranged to come to you.”

For those into personal development 

  1. The Big Leap

At the top of the list of books every entrepreneur must read is this one because when you’re starting a business, you’re taking a fat jump into the unknown. It’s also written by the author, Gay Hendricks, who coined the term Zone of Genius, which you’ve most likely heard of or used yourself. 

The Big Leap talks a lot about ULPs – upper limit problems that boil down to the idea that we are uncomfortable feeling good so we self-sabotage. Imposter syndrome, chronic sicknesses, and romantic fights are woven throughout this concept. To get into your Zone of Genius and create a life you love, you have to learn how to embrace feeling f*cking good and take a giant leap into the scary unknown. It’s easy, it’s quick, and will get you thinking about what really, truly lights you up and why. 

Fav quote:

“How am I getting in my own way?”

  1. Permission to Put Yourself First

Not to be dramatic, but this book changed my entire life (and was pretty much the first personal development book I ever read). After getting out of a relationship that left me feeling insecure as hell, I knew I needed to do some serious self-reflecting. Nancy Levin’s book guides you through the process of recognizing where you have abandoned yourself for connection, how to forgive yourself for doing so, and how to value yourself and your needs. Intertwining revelation with self-forgiveness, this book cuts straight to the core. 

Fav quote:

“Abandoning myself for the sake of another is no longer a badge of honor. In fact, it isn’t even an option.”

  1. Tools of Titans

Grab a snack because Tim Ferris’s Tools of Titans is far from short. Even though this book is over 700+ pages, it’s read like a novel where every chapter is cherished just as much as the one before. 

In this epic collection of non-fiction, Tim Ferris recounts the best advice he’s received and the best stories he’s heard from the different “world-class performers” he’s interviewed. Covering health, wealth, and wisdom this book gives you insight into every area of life. I laughed. I cried. And I walked away with so many gems. It’s the type of book that deserves far more than one read for all of the goodness packed within. Plus, he’s a hilarious writer. 

To see my fav quote, you’ll have to read The Single Decision by Coach Sommers. 

For the creatives

  1. The War of Art

This one is for the artists of the world who know the feeling of waiting for creative inspiration to strike. Written by Steven Pressfield whose writing is as entertaining as it is honest, this book empathizes with the creative plight by speaking to the various ways “resistance” shows up when you sit down to write a book, launch a business, or pursue any sort of creative endeavor. 

Overcoming the monster that is resistance requires ruthless discipline and ruthless discipline is what differentiates the amateur from the professional. If you’re a creative entrepreneur this book is essential to not only understanding your procrastination but how to overcome it. 

Fav quote:

“The artist committing himself to his calling has volunteered for hell, whether he knows it or not. He will be dining for the duration on a diet of isolation, rejection, self-doubt, despair, ridicule, contempt, and humiliation.”

For those looking to improve their marketing skills

  1. Building a StoryBrand 

Everyone considers this one of the books every entrepreneur must read and there’s a good reason behind it: it’s foundational to the way you approach branding and the way you think about yourself and your clients.

This book is one of those rare reads that’s not only easy to understand, but each chapter is value-packed, showing you how to think about yourself as the guide and your ideal client as the hero – a relationship and plotline you can revolve all of your marketing efforts around. It’s a foundational read for all biz owners. 

Fav quote:

“Customers aren’t looking for another hero. They’re looking for a guide.”

  1. Copywriting Secrets

Written by Jim Edwards, this book about copywriting is for anyone who wants to learn how to write in a way that compels someone else to take action. It’s incredibly practical, easy to read, and will talk you through just about everything you need to know about copywriting in a way that’s straightforward. 

My fav quote (are the quotes he includes from other copywriters):

“Copy cannot create desire for a product. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears and desires that already exists in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already existing desires onto a particular product. This is the copywriter’s task: not to create this mass desire – but to channel and direct it.”

Eugene Schwartz

  1. The Storyteller’s Secret 

This book, written by Carmine Gallo, is a work of pure genius. Each chapter consists of a story about a wildly successful person or movement whose success boils down to one key ingredient: the art of telling brilliant stories. From businesses like Starbucks to social movements created in the wake of moving speeches, Gallo explains what a good story entails by sharing moving stories about compelling storytellers (it’s meta, for sure). You’ll learn how our brains are hardwired for story, how to become a captivating storyteller, and most importantly, the profound emotional impact stories can have on our world and each other. 

Fav quote:

“Storytelling is not something we do. Storytelling is who we are.”

Any other books you think every entrepreneur must read? Drop a comment or send me a message on Instagram I’ll never turn down a book rec!

Sidenote: While you can buy all of these books on Amazon, of course, I have a slight bone to pick with buying books there. Whenever I can, I buy books from independently owned bookstores, at thrift stores, and always take a peek at every Free Little Library I pass. You do whatever feels best to you, but I wanted to offer an explanation as to why you won’t find any Amazon links on this page. 

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