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From the very first second I stumbled across Kirsti (which was way before I wrote copy for her bad b*tch bookkeeper website), I knew we were meant to be. She’s absolutely hilarious, damn good at what she does, and knows how to make the classically boring subject of bookkeeping fun AF.

And since our project wrapped we’ve become real-life friends. 

(Fun fact: the first time we met up for her website copy kickoff call, we went to a spice shop after where I discovered I am horribly allergic to bee pollen and had to ask her to check my throat so I could know whether or not I was going to die… That brought us closer—there was no choice. 😂)

Her OG bookkeeper website

Although Ms. Dory Dimes already had a website when she reached out (and was doing hella well and had started to grow her team), she was ready for a rebrand and website revamp. Her branding wasn’t as funky as she was, her website was more on the mellow and reserved side, and even though she knew she could write copy that converted (side note: she had a lot to say about this later, but keep on reading) she was facing a whole lot of decision fatigue when it came to piecing all of her copy together.

And I was more than delighted to help. 

So we got down to work.

The website copy strategy

Our top priorities?

  • 1) being fun as funk
  • 2) being mindful about the shame people feel about money
  • 3) calling people out with love and reminding them that bookkeeping is a MUST
  • 4) making it obvious Kirsti was more than just a bookkeeper (without using that incredibly overused phrase)

We wanted to make sure that her readers knew that she knew money is a loaded subject (ha, get it?). Because it was ridiculously important to her that her website copy made her readers feel totally comfortable with letting her inside of their financial world while also giving them a blast of her funky personality. Zero judgement, but a whole lot of guidance and fun.

A tricky combo that we absolutely nailed.

A big fear that we wanted to address: the IRS, tax deadlines, and bookkeeping panic

One of the things that came up over and over again in the research I did and the feedback shared from Kirsti’s previous clients was this fear of the IRS. Which is funny because most of us logically know that the IRS isn’t gonna show up at our doorstep, but it doesn’t stop people from sweating about it. 

So we confronted that fear head-on in her copy. 

How we addressed those fears in her website copy

A section on the homepage that speaks to someone's stress over taxes and numbers

Instead of only focusing on the positives of hiring a bookkeeper, we wanted to make sure Kirsti’s website visitors knew that she understood their panic—and that she was the person who could eliminate that stress.

An elephant in the room we wanted to call out: shame around money

One of the other big themes that came up in our project was the fact that money is a complicated subject. People are embarrassed to ask questions. People feel bad about how much money they’re making and spending. And people often avoid looking at their numbers altogether because it stresses them the f*ck out.

(Which is so incredibly understandable given that money really is one of those subjects that has a wholeeeee lot of triggers.)

How we addressed that elephant in the room in her website copy

A section on a bookkeeper's website that mentions how money is a loaded subject

A section on a bookkeeper's website that talks about how someone might feel anxious about their financial numbers

Instead of skirting around the truth, we decided to address some of the stress around money directly so it wouldn’t be lurking around like a big, grey elephant in the room. And while we still called them out (see below) by reminding them just how important it is to treat your business like a legit business, we were hella mindful to do it without shaming them.

A picture of a section from a bookkeeper's website that talks about the importance of accounting

Favorite line of her whole bookkeeper website?

The mini bio about a bookkeeper on a bookkeeper's website

“You can think of me as your financial gynecologist… Because when it comes to business finances, there’s nothing my team and I haven’t seen.”

(As soon as Kirsti compared her job to being a gynecologist, I knew it was going into her web copy. I mean, it’s hilarious. It’s a great comparison. And it makes you feel better because you know that the gynecologist really has seen it all before and isn’t judging you for whatever special thing you’ve got going on.)

What Kirsti had to say about her bad b*tch bookkeeper website copy

Kirsti’s website launch was a smashing success and has continued to bring in a ridiculous amount of inquiries and compliments.

People have told her that they could tell from her website that she’s “not just a CPA/bookkeeper looking to hit financial goals” and that she knows and cares about “what it takes to grow a business.”

And within 24 hours of her launch, she had SIGNED two new clients meaning… her investment in website copy had literally paid for itself.

She admitted that before we worked together she was debating if she even needed to hire a website copywriter because she knew she could write copy that converts and thought maybe she was just being lazy. (Her words not mine.)

But after? She said that she learned SO MUCH about “writing compelling copy that is cohesive in brand voice, RICH in SEO, and that even a little sentence can be jazzed the f*ck up.”


“Alethea has legit turned our website into a cash register. This is not some gross exaggeration, we had 5 inquiries within 24 hours of launching the website with her juicy-ass copy dripping off the pages. She’s not only helped Dory Dimes develop a website and brand-voice we can be exceptional confident in, but that also does the heavy-lifting of our marketing efforts. The abundant relief to no longer have social media pressures lurking over our shoulder is *chefs kiss*. Hire her or you’ll motherfugging regret it.”

So yeah, I think it’s safe to say her copy is kicking ass just the way we wanted it to.

Other peeps who helped with the coolest bookkeeper website in town

Of course, a good website needs more than bomb-ass copy and Kirsti didn’t hold back on working with some other awesome creatives.

And the main man who supports Kirsti through it all: Husben who even managed to make a debut on her About page. (Husben is awesome and we love him.)

And if you’re ready for done-for-you website copy that’s fun as funk and brings home the money…

I’m all yours.

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