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As a website copywriter, I think good website copy is everything, BUT if you’re not a website copywriter whose whole life revolves around thinking it’s important you might be asking yourself….

Honestly, why does website copy even matter?

Great freaking question.

While there are SO many benefits to good website copy, here are five that are super duper important.

1 – Makes it Clear What You Sell

The first goal of copy is to inspire people to take action whether it’s clicking a like button, adding a product to their shopping cart, or submitting an inquiry form. But before you can prompt someone to do something, you have to make it clear what they’re taking that action for. 

In other words, it needs to be clear what you’re offering. 

I know that may seem stupid obvious, but you’d be surprised just how many websites have copy that (most likely, accidentally) make it confusing for readers to figure out what the website is even selling. Good website copy makes it crystal clear not only what your offers/products are, but it also shows the juicy benefits someone will get from making this purchase. 

It doesn’t matter how brilliant of a product or offer you have if no one can figure out what you’re actually selling. Good copy makes it clear what’s being offered.

2 – Qualifies Your Leads

This one’s for my fellow service providers. 

Have you ever had a discovery call where the potential client clearly had no idea what you actually did? Or, when you told them your price, how long the project would take, or what parts they would have to hire someone else for, their horrified and surprised expression proved that you just wasted your time on chatting with them because they were definitely not going to be moving forward?

Yeah…that sucks.

But guess what can help make sure that never happens again? Good website copy. 

Not only can it help make it clear what you offer, but it also tells your readers who it’s for. When your website copy clearly spells out who it’s for and who it’s not for, the people it’s not for, stop signing up for discovery calls. Saving you a bunch of time talking to people who actually weren’t interested in what you offered (which is totally okay because those people aren’t your ideal clients).

You don’t want to attract everybody. You want to attract the people who are looking for the exact thing you provide and who can pay the prices you charge. When your website copy makes that clear, you bring in qualified leads. 

3 – Nurtures Leads 

There are people who aren’t ready to buy from you, not yet anyway. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. Maybe they’re hesitant to reach out directly or they have questions they feel reserved about asking. Your website copy can hold their hand through all of that.

By addressing potential questions and hesitations you know your readers have, you start building trust between the two of you.

A good website that has copy jampacked with the juicy details about you and your offer also helps curious people learn more about you.

Let’s say someone lands on your website after clicking the link in your bio on IG and the next thing they know they’re reading through your homepage, thinking to themselves:

“Who is this person?! They seem pretty cool.”

Which means, they end up making a mental note of your name and what you do, and the next time they encounter the problem you solve, you’re the person that comes to mind. 

Good website copy can help nurture leads and build connections with people you might have not known existed. 

We love you, Ms. Website Copy.

4 – Full Blast of Personality 

It’s not just about selling. It’s about helping people get to know you. Because we both know, in this day and age, selling isn’t enough. 

People want to feel a connection with the businesses they buy from and the products and services they purchase. And, there are more options to choose from than ever. HOWEVER, that absolutely doesn’t mean there isn’t enough to go around. 

(Screw scarcity mindset, there is plenty for everyone). 

What it does mean is that marketing the facts and benefits isn’t enough, you’ve got to pull the personality card because when it comes to standing out, being yourself is the best chance you have. You’re a fabulous, brilliant, talented weirdo! That’s marketing gold!

And good website copy showcases that. 

It gives your readers insight into who you are, the values that back your business, and a sample of what experience they may have working with you. 

Brands that let their audience in on who they are are brands with die-hard fans and that’s exactly what good website copy can help you do: tell people about the special person you are so you can have fangirls of your own. 

5 – Builds Credibility 

Be honest. When you find someone cool on IG, how often do you go to click the link in their bio?

For me, it’s every. single. time. 

Because while Instagram gives a tiny peek at what someone may be like, to learn more I want to see their website. I want to stalk their services. Especially if I’m thinking about buying something from them. 

And if I click on that link in the bio and there isn’t a website, it makes me wonder if that person is just starting out. It’s not just me either. According to Blue Corona, 75% of people judge a business’s credibility based on their website.

None of this is said to make you feel bad about not having a website or having a website you don’t feel stellar about (there are so many directions our attention gets pulled in as business owners, it’s hard to know which direction to focus on)…

The point is: good website copy helps you build credibility with your audience and who doesn’t want that?

At the end of the day, good website copy makes it obvious what you offer, helps attract qualified leads, nurtures leads you may not have known existed, helps your audience fall in love with your fabulous personality, and shows the world just how professional you truly are. 

So yeah, I may be biased, but you’d be wild to say that good website copy isn’t powerful as heck. 

And a big bonus? Website copy doesn’t have to only be used on your website, you can take that message and interweave it into all kinds of things like IG captions, emails, and even the spiel you give those who ask what you do. 

So if you’re ready to spice up your website copy, you know where to find me 😉 And if you’re looking to do it yourself, I’ve got plenty of (free!) resources for you to explore. 

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